Computer Accounts Activation Form

This form is for the convenience of the UNCG community (currently admitted applicants, enrolled students, faculty, and staff). Computer accounts, once activated, will remain active long as you are in good standing at UNCG and abide by the University Computing and Electronic Resources Policy. Completing this form will:

1. Request your default accounts.
2. Supply your new username.
3. Tell you how to construct your password for each account.

Before you can request your account(s), you must agree to abide by the


Please take time to read the policy so that you understand your rights and obligations in UNCG's shared computing environment.
Please enter the following information below as it is listed in the official University records.

If you do not know your University ID:
Students -- Contact the Registrar's office at 336-334-5946
EPA Employees -- Contact the Provost's office at 336-334-5494
SPA Employees -- Contact Human Resources at 336-334-5009

PLEASE NOTE: Activation of your accounts will take approximately 4 hours to complete. If you are unable to access your accounts after 4 hours, please contact 6-tech at (336) 256-tech (8324) or

Do you agree to abide by the University
Computing and Electronic Resources Policy?

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Last Name:

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Birth Month:

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